Pael International Cosmetics is established in the cosmetics and beauty industry since 1990. Initially Pael started operating a professional cosmetics sales network in Northern Greece which is growing strong day by day. However, Pael International Cosmetics marked its way into the Greek market, creating a niche market segment by distributing gift set and bath accessory products in every beauty chain in the territory. The insert of such products in the portfolio of every beauty chain around Greece opened a market opening for many followers, with Pael always being the pioneer. Nowadays, Pael International Cosmetics is reachable in over 1,000 POS around Greece with strategic product placement in foreign markets as well.
Pael International Cosmetics portfolio consists of both professional and consumer products and brands respectively. It exclusively distributes the professional beauty care cosmetic companies Repêchage and être belle in top spas and beauty institutes around Greece. In consumer product placement it has penetrated both Greek and foreign markets with its very own brand of every day body care Primo Bagno. In addition, Pael international Cosmetics is the exclusive distributor of Hello Kitty cosmetics in Greece, and also the main supplier of Kids Collection cosmetics with brands such as Barbie, Snoopy, Cars, Disney Princess, and Disney Classics.
Professionalism and higher sense of social responsibility are the main principles that unite Pael International Cosmetics’s internal (employees) with external customers making the company offer high quality products to both Greek and foreign markets. All products are eco-friendly, abiding to all quality checks and regulations, neutral skin PH, without alkalines, silicones and paraben. Corporate policy is against animal testing.