About Us

Pael International Cosmetics has been active in the Cosmetics sector and in aesthetic applications since 1990. Initially established with a network of professional cosmetics resellers in the aesthetics institutes in Northern Greece, which has been dynamically developing to date.

Later, it is pioneering in the Greek market by introducing gift sets and other bath accessories in the major cosmetics, pharmacies and  other department stores as well.

The core of our business activity is the human capital that consists of trained and experienced executives.



Better customer service through a portfolio of products based on the excellent combination of quality and price.

The professionalism and the high sense of responsibility towards the consumer and the professional that governs our company allows it to offer  products with high quality standards with respect to the environment  into the Greek market as as well as internationally.

Exclusive partnerships with top and leading cosmetics brands, professional beauty products as well as proprietary brands make the company one of the most trusted in the field.



Τhe category of consumer products impress with series of daily body care Primo Bagno. All products are supplied with neutral PH skin, free from alkalis, silicones and parabens. The philosophy of the company is firmly opposed to animal testing.

In addition, Pael international Cosmetics is the exclusive distributor of Hello Kitty cosmetics in Greece, and also the main supplier of Kids Collection cosmetics with brands such as BarbieCars, Disney Princess, Disney Frozen, Paw Patrol & Disney Minnie.

In the aesthetic and spa's institutes, Pael International Cosmetics distributes Etre Belle and Repechage two technologically advanced companies with many innovative solutions for the professional aesthetic.