Gift Set Bathtub Nymph Of Roses 5pcs

Gift Set Bathtub Nymph Of Roses 5pcs Gift Set
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The Goddess of Flowers
Chloris the goddess of flowers. Zephyros' wife "western wind" and mother of Karpos(fruit). A journey back in time, a magical wandering in Greece, the  land  of myths and gods. An acquaintance with the tradition and culture of a blessed place.NYMPH OF ROSES  transmit all this with agentle touch legendary  series, a heady perfume , a natural freshness and a glow of the most beautiful flower of Greek nature, the rose, the "King of Flowers".
The gift set contains: Body Lotion 150ml, Shower Gel 150ml, Bath Salts 100g, Body Butter 80ml & Sponge
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